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Goal Setting Plan For A Year of Endless Possibilities

I am excited for all the new possibilities that each year brings but setting goals is a must in order to put your plan of action in place.  Statistics prove that people who write their goals down have a 42% greater chance of achieving them, share them with a friend and it goes up to 78%. Professional athletes and other highly successful people have been using the power of visualization for a long time, in addition to taking massive action.  Remember goal setting isn’t only for adults, it’s never too young to teach your children this skill that will give them confidence and make them feel proud when they achieve their goals.

First take some time to think about areas in your life that you want to improve on:

family, health, physical, career, financial, relationships, romance, business,…

A few suggestions to help you think about your goals:

  • What unproductive habit should be eliminated this year?
  • What fear/challenge will you overcome this new year?
  • Is this the year to stop making excuses and take action so you can spend more time with your family?
  • What action(s) can you take to achieve true happiness?
  • If you have debt, how much do you want to pay off?
  • What changes can you make to become a better role model to those most important in your life?
  • What new skills will you learn and master this year?
  • What steps are you going to take to grow your business this year?
  • What do you want to change so next year you aren’t in the same position?

I keep going back to this amazing mind map by Brittany Lynch  I found that will help you stay on track. Thank you Brittany! Click => How to hit your goals, print it out and put it on your desk and/or vision board.

Tip: Don’t make a long list of 50 goals, keep it to 3-5 goals that are attainable. Also share them with someone else so they are now public and out in The Universe.

Keep your goals S-M-A-R-T:

S:      Specific.  Write exactly what you want to achieve, be a specific listing all the details.

M:    Measurable.  How much, how often and how many. Be able to track your goals.

A:     Attainable. Make sure you can actually achieve your goal, keep is realistic.

R:    Relevant.  Keep it in line with your beliefs and values in life.

T:    Time/Tangable Date.  It must have a start and end date.

Here are a few examples of SMART goals:

“I want to lose 20 lbs by April 20th 20xx. I will excercise a half hour of cardio and half hour of strength training per day, 4 times a week and I will only eat starchy carbohydrates 2 times a week.”

“I want to make one hundred thousand dollars a year within 2 years by starting a business selling personal training products online to people all over the world and by providing personal training coaching via videos and Skype.”

Now that you have your list of goals, write them down on an index card and every morning when you wake up take a few minutes to read your goals out loud, close your eyes and visualize them happening in great detail. If you repeat this step again before you go to bed that would be even better!

Also create a visualization board and place it where you will see it.

Here are a few sites that have positive affirmations for you to use:

and of last but not least

So there you have it. This has helped me stay focused and accomplish my goals and I hope it helps you as well. Don’t let another day go by without getting this done!

If you’re ready to make THIS year  your best year ever, complete the STRATEGY SESSION application and let’s create a plan to get you the results you desire.

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Carol Mortarotti Mason is a former pro tennis player and worked on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. In 2007 she started a marketing consulting business and created Expert Niche Academy, an online program that teaches you how to find a profitable niche, become the go-to expert and turn your expertise into a profitable online business.