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How To Handle Bad Reviews Online & Build A 5-Star Reputation

Every day, thousands of customers leave reviews on local business directories such as Google+, Yelp, Facebook, and many other sites to express their opinion about a local business. 70% of consumers trust a business that has a minimum of 6 to 10 positive reviews. Positive reviews can position your business as the market leader in front of thousands of potential clients.  Bad reviews can send your most qualified prospects running to your competition.

Bad reviews can happen to any business, and it only takes one bad review to send a future paying customer to your competition.  In addition, no reviews or a lack of reviews prevents you from establishing instant trust and credibility online. Your potential customers can’t make an informed decision about doing business with you. They’ll turn to your competition that has positive reviews.

By having positive reviews distributed across multiple review directories, you can gain visibility, increase your overall search engine rankings, and build a 5-star reputation that positions you as the top authority in your industry. Since over 70% of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations, having a 5-star reputation results in your phone ringing with pre-sold customers ready to pay for your services.

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The following factors could be preventing your business from enjoying the many benefits of having a 5-star reputation online:

1)    Company is Not Listed On ALL the Correct Review Directory Sites
2)    Multiple Bad Reviews & Poor Ratings
3)    Not Enough Positive Reviews to Gain Instant Trust & Credibility
4)    No Control Over Reviews
5)    No Review Posting Strategy
6)    No Reputation Monitoring System
7)    No Reputation Website Marketing
8)    No Reputation Reporting Process
9)    No Reputation Marketing Staff Training (Reputation Marketing Culture)

It is important to have a plan to get your business a 5-star reputation that can bring you pre-sold patients ready to pay for your services.  Obviously it takes some time and effort to build and maintain a 5-star reputation online but our services make it easy.

If your business has bad reviews online or NO reviews, it’s costing you money and sending your customers to your competitors!

It’s important that you take action right now to stop these bad reviews from further hurting your business.

If you need help contact me and I will help you put a strategy together so you can have the 5-Star reputation you deserve!

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Carol Mortarotti Mason is a former pro tennis player and worked on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. In 2007 she started a marketing consulting business and created Expert Niche Academy, an online program that teaches you how to find a profitable niche, become the go-to expert and turn your expertise into a profitable online business.